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Moleskine presents a calendar app for Apple

TimePage shows appointments and integrates Google Maps and Uber


Taking on the digital calendars field is a big risk, but Moleskine got involved. The brand of diaries and notebooks – which in its history has made a question of style – presents TimePage, an app for iOs (also for Apple Watch).

The calendar has an essential, minimalist graphic, in line with the sobriety of the brand's paper products. No monthly view, just a list of days (including those where there are no appointments). Black and orange colors, and two important additions: the one with Uber, and the one with Google maps. When an entered appointment also contains an address, the app provides a map with directions. Information also on the weather.

Moleskine Livescribe

Just like the Moleskine diaries, even the app has a not-so-popular price: 4.99 euros.


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