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Modular Windows materializes in court

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Modular Windows materializes in court – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The "modular" version of Windows, without Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, will soon be a reality, even if only for a few and even if only on an experimental basis. Asking to see how Windows XP could work, private of some components, was the judge Kollar-Kotelly, who presides over the court called to decide on the request of some American states for more severe punishments against Redmond. Among these punishments, in fact, also the obligation to sell a private version of Windows of some components such as the Internet browser and the digital content player.Microsoft has always said that a version of XP of this type is not feasible and if the the resultant product would be less rich but also more frustrating for users. Not to mention the problems that such a system would determine both in terms of security and in the management of the infinite versions that would arise. According to the states, Microsoft's claims are not reliable and to prove it they would have commissioned themselves a modular version of IE, entrusting the task to IT consultant James Bach. It would be an operating system based on Windows Embedded and which, in the same words of Bach, robust and reliable and said he was willing to present his "creation" in court. Despite the strong opposition in With regard to Gates' lawyers, the judge admitted the evidence "since it is relevant to listen to those who have tried to create a version of Windows that can be customized". Bach will be in court next May 15

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