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Modified fingers for iPhone, it's nice to believe it

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The news was too tasty not to be taken up and commented: a Denver resident surgically remade his thumbs to better use the virtual keyboard of the iPhone. Too bad that besides being tasty the news was also a sensational hoax or, better, a sort of provocation that not everyone has caught, taking it as a real 'fact of life', a detour on the slippery and bifid road that leads to progress mankind

To take the 'divertissement' of North Denver News, a small monthly magazine in the capital of Colorado, a little too seriously, some periodicals, even of a certain thickness, were unbalanced in comments and considerations of various assortments. Nobody, learning that the alleged Thomas Martel, has grasped the blatant irony of the business man fed up with having oversized thumbs for the frenetic modern life of the user of pocket devices, always messing around with Q and W, A and S, which he decided to get his fingers cut off. Nobody even agreed that both the technique used (called Whitting) as the name of the doctor (a certain Fox, who recalls both Fox News and the term faux, 'imitation' in the English sense) were clearly invented. Nobody seems to have even thought that there are no muscles in the thumb, those muscles that the self-styled Dr. Fox would have reduced surgically to transform the pollicioni into tapered and feminine fingers (with some problems, surmountable said Martel, in opening the cans)

The newspaper, in an article published yesterday, as well as making fun of it, underlines that it wanted to launch the provocation to make people understand how questionable a culture can be that considers the modifications of the human body acceptable for aesthetic reasons, but not for functional ones or ' techniques'. A consideration that deserves further study and reflection that we leave to the most versed readers in the field of sociological analysis. We here simply limit ourselves to noting how by now, really, everything about iPhone can make the news. It doesn't matter if it's credible or not.