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Modding | Root LG G3: complete guide to root permissions

Modding | Root LG G3: complete guide to root permissions

Among the top-of-the-range models of the calendar year 2014 we cannot fail to mention theLG G3, a model capable of offering excellent performance in the light of a technical data sheet capable of withstanding any comparison so as to result within the community of modding, as happened, among other things, to the predecessor G2, a certain interest thanks to the performance prospects that certain changes can grant thus pushing the identification of different methods for LG G3 root.

Although the device has recently been present in a widespread way on the global market, the LG G3 root methods are not lacking, offering users a wide choice opportunity for the release of your device which, case that only affects LG, remember to be a non-invalidating operation of the terminal warranty thanks to the unique approach that the Korean company provides with respect to modding and firmware change, all though with the interface Optimus G3 an undoubtedly optimal result has been achieved which in order not to compare with the various ones custom ROM available online and more prone to personalization with respect to the interests of individual users.

The methods currently available to be able to run the LG G3 root, which we will illustrate, are as follows:

  • PurpleDrake
  • Towelroot
  • IOroot

Preliminary operations:

Among the primary operations to be carried out before performing the LG G3 root procedure, the verification of the remaining battery charge stands out, in fact it is important to have the total safety of an autonomy of at least 50% before being able to start any maneuver, to follow instead the enabling the mode USB debugging and the installation of all the drivers necessary for configuration between computers, PCs Windows or MAC, and the LG G3, both key elements for finalizing the next steps.

  • USB Debug mode: verify its enabling by accessing the panel "Settings"Where you have to check for the entry"Developer options", If present, you can access the relevant panel by enabling the"USB debugging", Otherwise you will have to make this path accessible by heading to the area"Software information”By clicking on the system build for about 7 times until the path mentioned is unlocked
  • LG G3 driver:Windows | MAC

PurpleDrake method:

The LG G3 root procedure with this tool it will take a few minutes, with an automated process that will unlock the permissions on your LG G3 enabling you to change the system according to any scheme or type you want, all thanks to a system divided into about five different steps:

  • Step 1: We download the tool for our computer based on the latest version available, which we can check directly on the developer's XDA thread – PupleDrake| XDA thread
  • Step 2: We extract, through a dedicated program, the ".rar" archive relating to the tool in a destination folder at our convenience
  • Step 3: Once we enable USB Debugging on our LG G3, we will have to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources – Beginner's guide
  • Step 4: We connect the LG G3 to the computer, providing USB Debug permissions once the recognition between the devices has taken place
  • Step 5: Let's go to the tool extraction directory and among the files inside click on “purpledrake_windows.bat", For Windows, and"purpledrake_osx.command“, For MAC, letting everything run

At this point, the PurpleDrake tool will automatically start the LG G3 root process, enabling the system for permissions also by installing the RootManager SuperSU, which we will find available among the device applications after the last reboot towards the finalization of the process.


The procedure with Towelroot perhaps best known to those who have more experience with modding, being a tool capable of adapting for many devices by enabling root permissions in the same way, and represents one of the most practical and efficient methods to be able to finalize the process without even requiring the presence of a computer, not surprisingly, everything can be conducted directly from a smartphone in about four steps:

  • Step 1: Download the ".apk" tool both directly from smartphone and via computer, with passage via USB cable or copy to cloud storage – Towelroot | XDA thread
  • Step 2: We enable the installation of apps from unknown sources –Beginner's guide
  • Step 3: Start the installation of the ".apk."
  • Step 4: At the end of the process, open the app and start the LG G3 root process by clicking on the itemmake it ra1n

At this point all you have to do is wait for the process to complete, the next time you restart the device, your LG G3 will have unlocked the root permissions and you will only have to install a RootManager com SuperUsers to finalize the procedure completely.


The following tool is certainly one of the best known not only among modding users but also users LG in general, it is no coincidence that it is enabled for use on other well-known devices of the Korean company as it is equally effective in achieving root permissions although it is not less articulated than other systems and perhaps even the least automated among the proposals provided. The LG G3 root, in this case, is divided into about six steps:

  • Step 1: We download the tool based on the latest version available, as always we can also check its release through the original thread –IOroot | XDA thread
  • Step 2: We extract, with a special program, the ".zip" file in any directory
  • Step 3: We enable USB Debugging
  • Step 4: Connect the LG G3 to the computer and start the tool by running the file "root.bat.file"
  • Step 5: We await the communication response between computer and device
  • Step 6: We confirm the operation in the cmd.exe

At this point we will have to wait a few minutes to get the root permissions permanently on LG G3, all with a mechanism that will lead, as usual, to restarting your smartphone for the finalization of the entire LG G3 root process.


The guide is intended for illustrative purposes, with this the drafting of Android.Caotic does not assume responsibility for any damage occurred to your terminal during the steps, aware of the risks, well exposed, to which it is possible to incur.

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