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Mobile World Congress, Samsung presents two new tablets

Mobile World Congress, Samsung presents two new tablets

Samsung Galaxy Book and Galaxy Tab S3 are the new tablets of the Korean house with Windows and Android, designed for productivity and fun

Barcelona We knew that at the Mobile World Congress Samsung's Koreans would not have brought their Galaxy S8 smartphone, but at least a date was announced: the March 29th. On that day we will know more about the new smartphone of the Korean house.

In the Spanish metropolis, besieged that GreenPeace activists demonstrating outside the place of the event and for a brief moment also near the stage, Samsung presents two products: Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Samsung Galaxy Book, two tablets in some respects very similar, but radically different in terms of setting and intended use.

The first based on the Android operating system, while the second on Windows 10; Galaxy Tab S3 is compact and dedicated to those who consume content but occasionally draws or writes, while Galaxy Book is aimed at students and professionals who cannot do without a flexible keyboard and operating system. Both for can be considered 2 in 1 high-end tablet, the only sub-category in growth in a sector that is increasingly struggling to meet the public's favor.

Whether it is fine devices you can see it at a glance: Tab S3 in particular with an extremely thin profile, and a back glass cover set in its metal frame, which makes the tablet of a unique elegance.

The two tablets also have one in common new version of the S Pen, which will be included in the package. Smaller up to the size of a normal stylus, the new S Pen houses more refined components than previous versions: the tip has been replaced with one in rubbery material, which in our short preview test made writing fluid and more natural when in contact with the display glass; the size of the latter has decreased until it reaches 0.7 mm in diameter; 4096 supported pressure levels and no battery recharge required to use it.

For the rest, there are differences and they can be seen: Galaxy Tab S3 mount a Snapdragon 820 processor accompanied by 4 GB of RAM, but above all a 9.7 inch QHD display made with Super Amoled technology and designed specifically for the use of HDR content. His four speakers they emit powerful and clean sounds (even if they are still tablets), and support for Vulkan graphics libraries makes it suitable even for the most demanding games in terms of computing power.

Galaxy Book instead comes in two versions, one with a Full HD LCD screen from 10.6 inches and Intel Core m3 processor, and one with Super Amoled Full HD + display from 12 inches and Intel Core i5 processor. Both designed for those who work with the tablet, in addition to the S Pen include one in the package cover with keyboard which allows you to position the screen in three different inclinations to be able to write or take notes with the nib in the most comfortable angle possible.

Using the Galaxy Book in extreme mobility can actually be difficult the problem of the covers with keys in common to all the gadgets of the category but the keyboard in force to the two tablets one of the most comfortable and precise which we have tried lately, with well separated keys of the other and a good run to return more than adequate tactile feedback for prolonged writing sessions. The keyboard will be available, as an option and without a trackpad due to its size, also on Galaxy Tab S3, to make even the entertainment tablet more versatile.

Prices unfortunately no one spoke, but we know that the galaxy Book will arrive in June, while the Tab S3 will reach the end of March.

Last but not least, a new edition of the Gear VR viewer dedicated to the Galaxy S series smartphones. This latest version of the helmet displays images with a 101-degree field of vision and finally puts itself in step with the competition by adding support to a controller equipped with of integrated touchpad and accelerators, and designed specifically for navigation in virtual reality.


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