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Mobile 3TV for iPhone, 30 thousand downloads in 48 hours

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Over thirty thousand downloads in just over 48 hours, about 600 downloads per minute. Here is the incredible record achieved byMobile 3TV, the application for streaming television launched on the App Store by 3 Italia.

The success of Mobile3Tv, certified not only by the numbers, supplied to Macitynet by the company for mobile telephony, but also by the position in the ranking (first in the free applications after having undermined the highly sought-after Photoshop Mobile), justified by the program's functionality. It is in fact the first system to watch live television on iPhone with access to news channels, films, TV series and much more. A significant detail in establishing the interest of store-goers in search of juicy news to increase the functions of their pocket device.

Mobile 3TV allows all 3 customers (excluding those of other operators) to view the free buquet channels of 3: La3, La3 Cinema, La3 Live, Mediaset (Canale 5, without any additional cost, not even those related to data traffic). Rete 4 and Italia 1) and SkyMeteo 24 to which are added numerous paid channels including Buquet Sky (Sky TG24, Sky Sport24, Sky Uno Mobile, Fox One, FX Mobile), Carton Network, Serie A Football Channels, UEFA Football Channels Champions League and MotoGP Channel. To access just be 3 customers, pay the cost of the channel (from 3 euros per week to 4 euros per day depending on your choice) and connect.

The application was a resounding success – a spokesman for 3 Italia tells Macitynet -; the application that appeared between Friday night and Saturday morning and we immediately realized the impact it had on the load on our servers which went into trouble rejecting many connections. Unfortunately their capacity was not sized to cope with a similar 'assault' which was attended by customers of other operators who do not have the ability to access streaming mobile TV services, but their attempts to watch TV still have weighed on connection requests, contributing to the load. We are currently trying to cope with the situation by increasing the capacity of the system. It will take a few days and for this we ask to be patient, sorry, to our customers.

The lack of access to mobile TV by customers of other operators and the load on the servers that prevented, especially yesterday, from accessing the service are the basis of the large number of negative reviews from a star collected by Mobile 3TV, as 3 Italia explains to Macitynet: it was a cascade effect. On the one hand, many customers of Vodafone, Tim and even Wind tried to access the service by obtaining a refusal from the servers and on the other, 3 customers found themselves in the same situation due to the excessive load on the network, also determined by those who would not have had any reason to try to access the service. Virtually all judgments from one star are related to failure to access the system for one reason or another. But if you read between the reviews you will see that those who managed to use mobile TV have a very positive opinion. For our part we can advise all customers of other operators interested in mobile TV to buy a SIM of 3 to be used to try free channels; at that point they can decide whether to buy the packages on demand.

The goal and promise of 3, however, is to work intensely to meet the expectations of those who see the iPhone as a good alternative to other types of device for mobile TV: There are several new features coming soon – 3 explains Italy – including films on demand. We have a large library of contents that we will make available with a single purchase. What currently matters more than anything else, however, that iPhone customers are proving to be an excellent base to work on, thanks also to the iPhone itself, which is a technologically very suitable product for a service such as Mobile TV.

Mobile 3TV is downloaded from here