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MMS for iPhone, arrive in the US on September 25 (with iPhone Os 3.1?)

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MMS for iPhone, in the US arrive on September 25 (with iPhone Os 3.1?) – logomacitynet1200wide 1

American users will have MMS messages starting September 25th. The announcement comes directly from AT&T which is the iPhone exclusive dealer in the United States.

The feature available since the launch of iPhone Os 3.0 in many countries of the world (including Italy) is a much awaited novelty in the US where the local mobile operator has decided for unclear reasons to defer it. When Apple announced the delay during the San Francisco keynote during WWDC (not without giving some negative emphasis to AT&T's choice), a disapproving murmur rose from the room.

The decision to send the launch of MMS to 25 September, however, is already causing controversy. In fact, AT&T will exceed, even if only for a few days, the fixed date (which was summer).

What interests international customers who have MMS, a nod to a software update that should enable the functionality. The MMS update could, therefore, be included in the iPhone Os 3.1 expected in days, even if in reality the text of the release does not clearly understand if AT&T is talking about a software update of its systems or iPhone.

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