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"Minor problems" would delay the launch of the Apple tablet in June?

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In a new note to investors, analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros says he spoke to Apple suppliers with his own sources and they would have informed him that the launch date of the tablet could slip by six months, similar to what happened with the first iPhone in 2007: unveiled in January but distribution started six months later. According to the financial analyst, the launch in June due to "minor problems" related to battery life and duration

Again according to Mr. Wu, the tablet will in any case actually be announced during the event scheduled for January 27. The analyst describes the Apple device as "a super iPod Touch" or "a hybrid between an iPhone / iPod Touch and a Mac but only in terms of software and components". The tablet would have a 10 ″ or 11 ″ screen and would not be intended as a replacement for the Mac but as a first-rate iPod Touch for playing movies, gaming, web browsing, reading e-books, would offer the possibility of launch multiple applications, possibility made more comfortable and plausible given the presence of a larger screen.

The analyst's claims contradict what was stated by The Wall Street Journal, which reports, however, March as the launch month planned for the new device. Mr. Wu likewise reports rumors of an alleged price of $ 999 to rumors already circulating and also indicates the possibility of ordering a larger touchscreen device by adding $ 100. The price estimated by the analyst is higher than the average selling price of $ 600 expected by competitor analyst Gene Munster, of Piper Jaffray.

Wu also believes that WiFi access will be "very likely" optional, while there will certainly be a 3G connection with which the various carriers will be able to offer various subscriptions and options, allowing you to lower the basic cost of the device, similarly to what happens with iPhones purchased with prepaid plans. According to the data that the suppliers would have indicated to the analyst, Apple hopes to sell 5 million pieces of the device in the first year. [By Mauro Notarianni]