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Mini windows in the App Store

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Mini windows in the App Store –

logomacitynet1200wide 1

First the iPad store and the rankings of up to 200 apps and then a real mini-revolution that has transformed the face of the store for Apple's online applications. Here is what happened today in the App store. Of the first two events we have already said today, of the second we take into account now, now just over 24 hours after the launch of the iPad.

The graphic restructuring was decidedly important because it created a sort of "shop in the shop" for each of the various categories (Books, Finance, News, Games, etc.) quite similar in structure to the first page of the App Store. In the upper part there is a showcase (In the Spotlight) with some app screens and direct access to all the showcase apps, just below the most requested (which are actually a series of applications chosen by the Apple team), right finally the classifications of the category: applications sold, free and listed for top profitable.

The change in the layout of the contents, which certainly improves the visibility of the various apps, has been applied to both the iPad store and the iPhone and iPod touch store even if the iPad version has not yet been completed. Slight differences also for the exposure; also in the iPad version, another window is found further down after "Most Popular", which allows access to all the applications of that category.

Below an example of the new graphics taken from a page of the iPad section.

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