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Millions of Italians defrauded in 2019, with telephone contracts in the lead

From RC cars to credit cards, from domestic users to current accounts; there are many Italians who try to save money and many attempts to defraud consumers; According to a survey carried out by mUp Research, in 2019 19% of respondents, equal to about 8.3 million individuals, said they had fallen victim to a scam, online or offline.

Lindagine, based on a representative sample of the adult national population, analyzed the areas most commonly targeted by the attackers: car and motorbike insurance, mobile and fixed-line tariffs, the supply of electricity and gas, personal loans , current accounts and electronic cards.

Analyzing the data on an overall level, it turns out that if men and women were the same amount of cheating (19%), the results vary significantly on a territorial level; in the South and the Islands, the percentage of respondents who declared that they had suffered a scam last year of 21%, while the most attentive were residents in the regions of Central Italy (16%).

Millions of Italians scammed in 2019 and many scams concern mobile and landline rates

The area in which consumers seem to fall victim most frequently to fraud, that of mobile telephony; according to the survey, 6% of respondents admitted to having suffered a scam in this field.

In second place, equal, there are electronic cards and electricity and gas utilities, areas in which 5% of respondents said they had been scammed. In the survey commissioned by the website, looking more closely at electronic cards, it emerges that, in percentage terms, more men (6% compared to 5% of the female sample) and residents in the South and in the islands (7%).

Fixed telephony and internet home services follow; in 2019 4% of respondents fell victim to scams in this area, once again in a higher percentage of men (5% compared to 4% of women) and residents in the South (5%). Lower percentage, but not for this to be underestimated, for the other sectors analyzed; in auto and motorbike insurance, current accounts and personal loans only 1% of the interviewees admitted to having been deceived.

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