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Miller: "Jailbreak makes iPhone vulnerable to attack"

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Miller: "Jailbreak makes iPhone vulnerable to attack" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The jailbreak procedure removes the security system that Apple has created for the iPhone, making the smartphone much more vulnerable to various threats and attacks. This is a summary of the contents of the statements made by Charlie Miller, hacker and security expert especially in the Mac environment and known for having discovered some critical bugs in Cupertino's mobile phone

Miller, already an eminent figure of the National Security Agency and now enrolled by Independent Security Evaluators, explains that jailbroken iPhones are more insecure for some obvious reasons, such as the installation of additional software not included in the standard equipment. Among the less obvious reasons Miller indicates instead the possibility on jailbroken smartphones to run software in root mode, that is with the privileges of system administrator, to run programs that can access practically any other software or data in the system.

"Apple has made it very difficult to penetrate the iPhone," Miller says stating soon after that the jailbreak process actually destroys Cupertino's security model making the smartphone vulnerable. In addition to the SSH utility whose standard password was used for the first iPhone worm reported yesterday, Miller mentions the elimination of the sandbox and the data execution prevention technique, two protection techniques that respectively prevent software from accessing other programs and access to reserved memory areas.

For all these reasons, at the end of his interview Miller expects that in the coming months we will witness the growth of worms and various attacks in the iPhone world, especially in the jailbreak community as it happened for the first cases detected to date.

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