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Miliboo Smart Sofa is the first smart sofa that vibrates and rings

Miliboo Smart Sofa รจ il primo divano smart connesso che vibra e suona

Strange that someone has not thought of it before: Miliboo Smart Sofa the first smart and connected sofa that completely distorts this central element of the living room at home.

The only thing that remains the same is the external appearance and the seats: at first sight Miliboo Smart Sofa looks like a common armchair for one or two people, but also proposed as a sofa with seats for three or 4 people. Inside it integrates vibration motors, amplifiers and speakers to offer an even more immersive home cinema experience in films and TV series comparable to the most technological cinemas.

In the lower part also equipped with smart lighting that the user can adjust to his liking, both as regards the color of the light and for the intensity, managing everything from the Miliboo app. But this is only the beginning.

Miliboo Smart Sofa the first connected smart sofa that vibrates and sounds

Always through the app, you can connect the sofa to your smart home system and all the devices present. In this way, via voice commands, via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, and comfortably seated on the sofa, you manage lights, thermostat, music, the garage door, shutters and any other connected smart home device present in the house.

A series of LEDs arranged in a circle on the armrest, perfectly integrated into the fabric of the sofa, allows Miliboo Smart Sofa to be recognized as a hi-tech sofa. In this area, in fact, it is possible to place the smartphone, where it is recharged with QI wireless technology and always remains at hand.

The technical specifications are very respectable: the integrated audio system consisting of two 50W RMS speakers combined with a 600W subwoofer. In addition to the vibration system, equipped with LED lighting, 5G Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE, Qi wireless charging and all managed with Android 7.1 Nougat.

The manufacturer declares that Miliboo Smart Sofa will soon be available with prices starting at $ 2,340 for the armchair, up to $ 3,500 for the larger 4-seater sofa.