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Microsoft Vs. Opensource: the war has started but the winner is not certain

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Microsoft Vs. Opensource: the war has started but the winner is not certain logomacitynet1200wide 1

First of all, the original and highly contested perspective of Steve Ballmer, who defines the OpenSource movement (including Linux) as a Cancer for the development of information technology. The Microsoft communication campaign against GPL defined by Professor Moglen as "massive offensive" reaches the peak of rhetoric and hypocrisy with the publication on their Institutional website of a list of "explanatory" FAQs regarding the legal and economic implications of OpenSource and of the GPL license (paradoxically in a proprietary .doc format). The tones are disconcerting according to the American academic, at the limits of the ridiculous. The emphasis of the document focused on proving that GPL (license for another also used by Apple for Darwin 1.3.1) is a cumbersome and complicated documentation that jeopardizes intellectual property rights, and even recommends legal advice before adopting the principles. If the criticism of these FAQs originated from Richard Stallman, founder of the GNU movement, or from the father of Linux Linus Torvalds, it would probably have been exchanged by the usual anti-Microsoft campaign of the irredentists OpenSource. This time an academic, an internationally renowned jurist, free from any suspicion of partisanship or impartiality. All this seems to confirm a totalizing trend of the Redmond house, an intransigence towards possible antagonists who are first ignored, then derided, now even accused of attack on intellectual property. The vision defined "false" by Prof. Moglen that Microsoft from GPL tries to hide the real meaning of OpenSource and the GNU movement, or to preserve and protect and promote freedom between developers and end users, freedom of choice, of choral growth, freedom to compete in a computer landscape free from monopolies whatsoever. The perch on mystifying and intolerant positions according to Prof. Moglen, will bring Microsoft to collapse, and the first field of defeats will be that of the PDAs and in domestic technology. In a market where prices are continuously falling, free "embedded" solutions such as Opensource will be increasingly attractive to manufacturers and Windows CE will be destined to collapse. Recommended links: GNU GPL FAQMicrosoft GPL FAQ (By Rudy Belcastro)

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