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Microsoft shows streaming Silverlight videos for the iPhone

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The website reports that Microsoft has worked in partnership with Apple to bring streaming Silverlight videos to the iPhone. A demonstration carried out last week by the Redmond company during PDC 2009 (a developer conference reserved for Microsoft developers) would have shown excellent fluidity in viewing H.264 streaming movies.

"Silverlight is a cross-platform solution that can run on multiple operating systems and browsers that can work the same on both Mac and Windows," said Goldfarb; and again: "The iPhone offers a unique scenario. Our customers have asked for the possibility of viewing broadcast content and we want to bring this content to the iPhone. "

"We worked with Apple", continues Goldfarb, "to create a server-side solution based on IIS Media Service" (http streaming platform with which you can view 720p + movies, true HD) "and we are working on encoding to allow streaming without interruptions and a system that allows the use on the iPhone. The server will automatically create content usable with the iPhone using the "VIDEO" tag of HTML 5 ".

Goldfarb showed a standard HTML page with the "VIDEO" tag attached to it linked to an animated movie ("Big Buck Bunny") used by Microsoft in other demos (the movie visible with an iPhone or a Touch at this address). The video stored on an IIS server, which responds to requests for playback of the QuickTime player by converting the content in MPEG2 v8 on the fly and transparently (format manageable from the iPhone).

In its early life, Microsoft introduced SiverLight as a .NET programming platform primarily for RIA (Rich Interactive Application) applications for the Web. In order to push Silverlight as much as possible, the company has gradually incorporated better features. video for compiling content and multimedia services becoming an increasingly formidable competitor for Adobe's Flash. Microsoft is pushing Silverlight not only as a programming platform but also as a better alternative to Adobe's AIR. (By Mauro Notarianni)