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Microsoft, save. It will remain one

Microsoft, save. Rester one logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Justice Department will no longer ask for separation into two separate companies for Microsoft. The decision was announced yesterday by the DOJ himself with a document stating that the will to change the strategy determined by the modification of the scenarios and the need to seek a solution that quickly restores the conditions of competitiveness on the American IT market. In addition to this, the DOJ will not insist on the accusation of illegally integrating Internet Explorer into Windows. According to some observers and experts of the anti-trust legislation, the Justice Department would have chosen this new path for some essential reasons. The first that the belief that the separation into two different entities is not part of the "genes" of the new Bush administration. The second is that in all IT environments the conviction is growing that the process must be done quickly and closed as quickly as possible. The hope that removing the request to separate Microsoft from the legal table could induce Redmond's lawyers to come to more myths, without thinking about new delaying techniques. According to some sources, even the choice of the DOJ could be part of a negotiation underway between the Justice Department and Microsoft itself who are secretly trying to reach an agreement. Among the issues under discussion there may be the future of XP. The new operating system is at the heart of the concerns of many American consumer associations that it will prolong the strategies for which Microsoft has been accused. The fact that the possibility of a separation into two distinct realities has now set could lead Bill Gates' company to come to terms with the new operating system as well. Otherwise, the DOJ could wield the club of a new chapter entirely reserved for XP, even going so far as to request the blocking of its diffusion.The Department of Justice has already made it known, together with yesterday's announcement, that it intends to fully explore the Microsoft's new product strategies in the context of the allegations that were directed to the Redmond giant for illegal use of the monopoly. The Microsoft trial, sent back from the court of appeal to the district court for review, is expected to resume within two weeks with a meeting of the leave in front of the new judge, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly

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