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Microsoft releases the mini-Office

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Microsoft announced yesterday the availability for the American market of Microsoft Word + Entourage 2001Special Edition. This is a package that at a special price ($ 149, about 330,000 lire) offers the popular Microsoft writing tool, the same included in Office, and the Entourage mail and personal agenda client.

The product therefore allows you to perform most of the functions for which Office is purchased, being missing from the main products of Excel only. The special edition also lacks some advanced features, such as scripting support, menu customization and synchronization with PDAs (as regards Entourage), but in any case an interesting package still appears in the price / performance ratio .

Note that those who purchase Word + Entourage 2001Special Edition. you will also be entitled to upgrade to the full version of Office for a special price of $ 149; since Office on the US market costs at full price around $ 425 it means having a discount of $ 125.

Note that Microsoft also claims that those who purchase Word + Entourage 2001Special Edition will have access to the same promotion (and always at $ 145) also for the purchase of Office 10, the Carbon version for MacOs X of Office. The upgrade will be released next fall and likely presented during the MacWorld Expo which opens in New York on July 17th.

Recall that Word + Entourage 2001Special Edition available for the American market only, but the fact that there is no Italian version of Office makes it an attractive product for our market too.