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Microsoft, problems with payments to developers in the Windows Marketplace

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Microsoft would have denied some developers the payment of the proceeds with Windows Marketplace for Mobile, a purchase and download site that allows you to try and buy third-party products and solutions. The problem would be caused by a gap in the payment system used. In a series dilamentele in the forum dedicated to the program, some partners claim, in fact, that they have not received payments for "thousands" of dollars, obtained from the sale of the applications, in some cases also some released in October last year, in conjunction with the launch of the Windows Marketplace.

Non-payments are also contested by those entitled to quick payment, some of whom had agreed to make changes to the account and qualify for a faster compensation system.

The problem seems to be partly caused by the "deferred payment" system used by Microsoft: instead of paying at the end of each month, regardless of the sales volume achieved, the company pays only and only the developers who have reached the $ 200 threshold. Some developers have not reached the minimum entrance, despite the numbers in their possession indicate otherwise.

Marketplace manager Mihir Rao acknowledged the problem, although he initially believed that many of the pending developers were genuinely bad debt. Developers are now waiting to resolve the problem of missed payments.

The news obviously embarrassing and does not benefit Microsoft's fame, especially after enormous efforts and investments in the creation of the Windows MarketPlace, a portal to which it has channeled the interest of the developers to counter the success of the App Store and Android Market. Until October last year, in fact, Windows Mobile did not have a centralized point for testing and purchasing applications, an idea that allowed Apple to eclipse the confusing distribution system previously used by Microsoft in a short time. [A edited by Mauro Notarianni]