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Microsoft presents Windows for TV

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Microsoft today unveiled a new version of XP intended to transform the PC into what Redmond calls a 'center for interactive entertainment'.

The Windows version of the 'Digital Hub', known by the code name of Freestyle, will be marketed as Windows XP Media Center Edition and among other features will have the ability to be controlled via a remote control to catalog songs, videos and images as well as for scroll through the list of TV programs.

The new Windows, however, does not work with traditional PCs. In fact, Microsoft has foreseen that its installation can only take place on dedicated computers designed specifically for this purpose and which will contain a TV tuner and an HD that will be able to record programs from the TV but will not have the ability to read DVDs.

The first specimens of this sort of console for home video and the digital world will be in stores in November, according to Microsoft itself, and will have a cost that will go, depending on the settings from 1000 to 2000 $.

The announcement of the new Windows XP Media Center Edition comes, as announced, coinciding with the Macworld in the apparent attempt, as some sources have claimed, to steal the show from Apple, which could tie most of the Macworld announcements to multimedia. .