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Microsoft: Mobile apps aren't important

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Microsoft: mobile applications are not important – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Mobile applications are not an important factor in the success of a smartphone platform." This was stated by Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect during an interview for the Redmond company Professional Developer Conference. The senior developer has tried to diminish the value of the apps by making them look like baits to attract end buyers and also said that "the apps that matter will be available on all smartphones" because of the time to write and port the code shorter than operating systems for desktop machines. According to Ozzie, it is the operating system and its intrinsic features that make the difference of one system compared to another.

Ozzie's comments are according to many only the attempt to minimize the weaknesses of Windows Mobile. Microsoft previously held the record in the field of smartphone applications, but its target market became practically nil with the introduction of the Apple App Store, which today has over 100,000 applications. Although many developers complain about slow application approval times and do not agree with some choices (the so-called "guidelines") from Apple, the App Store is undoubtedly a huge success and clearly the differentiating factor for customers who choose iPhone or iPod Touch.

Microsoft aware that its platform for mobile devices needs important and urgent updates: during the second quarter of 2010 the new Windows Mobile 7 should arrive which will allow, for example, to finally manage multi-touch devices, trying to recover a market that is increasingly getting out of hand. Various evaluations can be made, but there is no doubt that Apple has understood before many others, where and how to drag the market.

(By Mauro Notarianni)

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