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Microsoft Kinect goodbye: stop production

microsoft kinect

Microsoft Kinect will no longer be produced. After 35 million pieces sold, he retires, the project continues in other objects, such as the iPhone X

Microsoft says goodbye to Kinect: after years of discussion about whether the project was really dead or not, the software giant has stopped producing it.

Goodbye to Microsoft Kinect after 35 million pieces sold

The accessory with camera and microphone has sold about 35 million units since its debut in November 2010. Kinect for Xbox 360 of Microsoft also became the most sold consumer device in 2011, winning the recognition of the Guinness World Record.

In the following years the his debut on Xbox 360, an entire community ventured into building experiences based on Microsoft Kinect; fashion result among hackers who tried to create experiences that track the movement of the body and perceived the depth. Microsoft has also tried to bring the device even more into the mass market with Xbox One, but prices and features have failed to meet expectations.

Microsoft was therefore forced to disaggregate it from Xbox One and produced an unpleasant accessory to connect it to the Xbox One S. After the initial promise.

Microsoft Kinect a failure?

easy to paint Microsoft Kinect as a failed project, but the reality that research and hardware have helped Microsoft advance its products in other areas: HoloLens uses many of Kinect's depth detection technologies and many laptops are now sold with Hello cameras, who use the knowledge developed to recognize people's faces. Microsoft also uses some Kinect technologies in augmented reality viewers

Microsoft Kinect related to the iPhone X

Apple now appears to be the company designed to bring the same technology to the mass market. The iPhone X, includes cameras with depth detection to log an owner with the device. The top of the Apple iPhone X essentially a Kinect in miniature and Apple used the acquisition of PrimeSense (creators of the original Microsoft Kinect) to miniaturize the hardware to the size of a phone

microsoft kinect