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Microsoft in the den of the bad wolf.

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Microsoft in the den of the bad wolf. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft has just made a three-year investment in the People's Republic of China under the name of "strategic investment". Redmond and Beijing are now closer: the leaders of Microsoft and Minister Zeng Peiyan have signed a MOU – Memorandum of Understanding and the new SDPC (State Development Planning Commission) -Microsoft Cooperation Committee will have Peiyanne and Gates as equal leaders, the deputies will be Ballmer, Mundie (for Microsoft) and Zhang Guobao for the Chinese government.With Microsoft's $ 750 million, yes they build the foundation for a much more profitable development on Chinese soil: $ 24 million will be spent on research institutes and the educational world to set up the foundations for computerized research, an additional $ 480,000 is destined for Jiaotong University and College in Shanghai , where the Unix / Linux world has prevailed so far. The Chinese minister said: "in doing so we will be able to export more IT products and simultaneously acquiring high technology. "We remember that the Chinese area is the market with the largest circulation of pirated software in the world, primarily that of Microsoft.

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