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Microsoft: good Apple

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Mac OS X important and significant stage in the development of the new operating system; the numbers that describe great progress in the adoption of the new OS deserve a note of merit.

There would be no claims to report and, probably, their appearance in an Apple press release would not deserve news if this almost enthusiastic tribute to the new operating system did not come from Microsoft and to be precise from Kevin Browne, head of the sector Mac of the Colossus of Redmond.

Those who have a good memory will remember, in fact, that critical accents and comments to the poison on the rate of adoption of Mac OS X by the Apple user base came from Browne.

According to the head of the division that deals with the development of Office, the number of users who used the new OS was so low as to have reduced to just 300,000 copies of Office sold. A situation that could not be tolerated by Microsoft who formally committed only to the release of a subsequent version of Office, linking further upgrades to the real progress of the adoption of Os X.

Accusations to which Apple replied bluntly, reversing the accusations against Microsoft, guilty of having released a too expensive program. "No operating system – said Schiller then – has had the pace of adoption of Mac OS X"

It was then on the eve of the Macworld Expo in New York and Browne's opinion, reported by the Wall Street Journal, sounded to the most like the formal ratification of the end of the cordial agreement between Apple and Microsoft and like the beginning of a new era , more troubled and tumultuous, in the relationship between the two major manufacturers of computer operating systems in the world.

Now, surprisingly, instead, as mentioned, in the press release a relaxing statement by Browne on the pace of adoption of Mac OS X appears. Also attached is a phrase that seems to overcome the controversies and tie Office and Mac OS X in an embrace intended to to last.

How much (mutual) marketing there is and how much real and sincere will to overcome mutual differences remains to be seen. In any case, it is significant of the importance that Apple attributes to the partnership with Microsoft the role of testimonial that is entrusted to the Redmond company.