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Microsoft frees everyone (almost …)

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Microsoft frees everyone (almost …) logomacitynet1200wide 1

Microsoft frees PC manufacturers who purchase a Windows license from one of the yokes that are imposed on them: no more obligation to display the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop nor special obligations on what should or should not go to the desk.

The decision was announced yesterday and certainly has to do with the ongoing trial for illegal monopoly exercise. In that context, in fact, the obligation not to remove the IE icon from the Windows desk had been the subject of long discussions and pivot of some of the accusations of the justice department. The suspicion was that by requiring a shortcut to the navigator directly on the desk, indirectly, it prevented other competitors from having the same easy access. To avoid confusion, in fact, PC manufacturers preferred not to set their machines at the factory with another icon on the desktop. For the DOJ, using the computer desk as a "private property" of Microsoft on which products established by Microsoft itself could appear was a clear sign of illegal monopoly exercise.

Until a few days ago, Redmond had always rejected this thesis, indeed he had already announced that in XP the PC manufacturers would not have been able to put anything on the desk, canceling the possibility of agreements with third parties.

Now, Microsoft announces, both obligations fall. No more IE on the desktop in XP but not even a clear desk. Everyone with the desktop will be able to do what they like best.

Microsoft has not denied that the provision has to do with the ongoing process by stating that β€œsome aspects of our license agreement have been misunderstood. This is why we now provide our customers with greater flexibility.

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