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Microsoft eliminates background noise from video calls

Microsoft eliminates background noise from video calls

Artificial intelligence will detect in real time and will eliminate horns, sirens, barking dogs, wind and so on.

Microsoft Teams)(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft is developing aartificial intelligence able to accurately pick up the voice of a participant in a video conference eliminating all those noises that could disturb the listening quality for the other components of the virtual meeting. Practical example: engage in an important meeting with colleagues and give in to the temptation of a snack. Ruminating and munching could really bother you. But thanks to Microsoft's system, everything that does not strictly concern speech will be eliminated.

Of course, the applications can be multiple and disconnected by the user himself as per barking dogs, ambulance sirens passing through the street or honking, strong wind and so on. All that remains in the background, but which can affect what is important, that is, the voice will be deleted. Microsoft defines it as "real-time noise suppression".

Many computer accessory microphones guarantee high quality, but at the same time suffer from the sounds around. According to a recent demonstration made by the person in charge of this project in Microsoft, Robert Aichner, the a.i. been able to completely remove the noise (for the listener, especially in headphones) of chips eaten during a video conference. A total cancellation, not just a reduction.

For the moment, the system will be brought towards the end of the year only to the proprietary software for video calls and video conferences ie Microsoft Teams and Skype could follow. Who knows if rivals like Zoom or Discord will implement an alternative? What is certain that the videoconferencing has become an important part of everyday life for thousands of Italian professionals (and not only) confined to their home due to the Covid-19 emergency. Telework and smart tools for smartphones and computers are obviating the inability to join.

Here are the apps to download now to stay in touch with colleagues, but also friends and relatives thanks to group video calls.


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