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Microsoft buys Sunrise Calendar, one of the best calendar apps

Microsoft buys Sunrise Calendar, one of the best calendar apps

Another acquisition on the horizon for the home of Windows, in the viewfinder there would be another app loved by fans of Android and iOS. It will probably change its name, but it will remain free

(Photo: Sunrise Atelier)(Photo: Sunrise Atelier)

Only a few weeks have passed since Microsoft's acquisition of the Accompli mobile mail client, yet the Redmond company does not yet seem to be full of acquisitions. Still unofficial, but reliable sources report that the next app targeted by the corporation may be Sunrise Calendar, one of the most popular calendars on the smartphone and tablet landscape, but not only.

The decision ($ 100 million) would be consistent with the strategy that led precisely to the absorption of Accompli. Taking over the mail management software, Microsoft has placed under its control an app made and finished (and award-winning) to be able to spread re-labeled on Android and iOS, and at the same time a set of technologies to implement in future versions of Outlook for Windows 10.

With Sunrise it will be the same. Currently the app brings together in a practical hub all the most popular calendar services, integrating them with Google Task commitments, Evernote notes, Facebook events and birthdays, the latest tweets of the contacts with whom you have an appointment and so on: for this reason, famous and praised on operating systems by Google and Apple, at least as much as Accompli was. By acquiring it, the home of Redmond la would leave free simply incentivizing Android and iOS users to open a beautiful Microsoft account. At the same time, users of Windows and Windows Phone could find themselves a calendar full of new functions starting from the next updates of their operating system.


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