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Microsoft also copies Switch

That Microsoft has in the past, using a benevolent term, often inspired by Apple is a fact. That this also happens today, according to several Mac users, equally true, and those who think in this way had confirmation during yesterday's night.

To check it in person, it would have been enough to make a detour in the late afternoon and yesterday night on the website of the Redmond company to see how some of the Windows marketers also thought of exploiting the Switch campaign, adapting it to his needs.

An entire Internet page of the "Insider" section, dedicated to "informing" about the advantages obtained using Windows, was in fact occupied by a testimony of a "switcher" who went from Mac to PC and accompanied by a series of information (including technical) on migration from platform to platform.

Obviously there was no lack of comparisons between various applications such as AppleWorks (which Apple gives on many machines and which in any case costs a hundred euros) and Office (which is sold, well, at 400 euros) and between Internet Explorer (which exists , as everyone knows, even for Mac) and Netscape (which no one is forced to use for Mac).

The effect of the whole, which clearly wants to recall the Switch campaign, would have had an ironic flavor, especially once it was noticed that the testimonial in question that would now live happily ever after in its world of universal compatiblit in the company of its very cheap laptop equipped with Windows XP, an unspecified writer, was not mentioned in any way by name and surname and the only image that appears on the page taken from a catalog of photos available on the market. In reality it seems that they had thought seriously about Redmond.

In fact, when asked about it, Microsoft admitted that it had commissioned a freelance writer "the article" and that the photo comes from a catalog but that is the true testimony.

Subsequently, however, Redmond decided to remove the page and making an admission of guilt defined the choice of carrying out such an initiative as inappropriate.

The more curious can still see the page by clicking here.