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Micro spy earphones, what they are and how they work: the complete guide

Micro auricolari, cosa sono e come funzionano

If it is true that the world of earphones boasts many exponents, the stage of spy micro earphones is a little less explored nowadays. As the name suggests, these are almost invisible earphones, capable of disappearing even to the most attentive eye, and therefore intended for a use that tends to be different from that of simple listening to music. Here's what a micro spy earpiece is and how it works.

What is a spy micro earpiece?Micro earphones, what they are and how they work

First of all it is good to understand what it is. Often he hears about in-ear headphones, accessories that willingly go with smartphones and tablets for listening to music. And then, although the nano earphones have points in common with other types of earphones, they are different in many respects, among all the size, operation and possible uses. It is in fact a practically microscopic headset, which inserted into the ear cavity is practically invisible to those around you. Hence the spy earphone function.

How do they work

We have already said about size. As the name itself suggests "micro earphones", these are devices invisible to the naked eye, which can be worn without others noticing anything. Not, however, only the dimensional data to differentiate a micro earphone from a traditional earphone. Also different operation.

Try the spy C1 nano headset, for invisible tips

Very often, in fact, micro earphones must be purchased in bundles. This is because alone the earphone itself would not be sufficient to branch out the sound correctly. In addition to the microscopic diffuser, in fact, another element is needed, called the "inductor".

This is what "induces" the signal by creating a magnetic field like that of the magnets and which, by connecting to the smartphone via bluetooth, amplifies the power of the output signal, and leads it to a copper coil, from which the magnetic field is generated . It is then the task of the headset which is immersed in this magnetic field to reproduce the sound.

Micro earphones, what they are and how they work

Therefore, the micro earphone must always be combined with an inductor, which can usually be in the shape of a necklace or pen, for correct operation. Considering, then, that these are spy earphones, the inductor takes on the appearance of everyday objects, such as a pen, so as to be absolutely discreet and not arouse any doubt in those around us.

Obviously, the micro spy earphones are compatible with all cellphones and smartphones equipped with bluetooth, therefore iPhone, or Android smartphone.

Who are they for

Micro earphones usually offer all those functions found in a common earphone. They allow, therefore, to listen to music, but also to carry out telephone conversations hands free. Of course, their main use will not be to listen to music under an umbrella, but to be able to be used in an "invisible" way, without others noticing their presence.

A first recommended use, then, certainly the one in the theater. Imagine an actor on stage: he can wear this micro earphone without the spectator noticing anything, receiving suggestions on the lines in case of need.

Furthermore, the use of a micro spy earpiece during conferences, or in security operations, can also be particularly useful in the investigation field and as a support for law enforcement.

Micro earphones, what they are and how they work

Although possible, we do not recommend the use of these headsets in examinations or competitions of various kinds. Not because the headset would not work in these cases, indeed. It is simply an incorrect use, which violates ethical rules, but also laws and directives that prohibit the use of such devices during an examination or public competition.

In such contexts, the candidate could, in fact, initiate a telephone conversation with an accomplice outside, ready to dictate the solution to the problem or the answers to the shift tests. Such use, although possible, is to be considered contrary to different types of rules.


The micro spy earphones, therefore, are useful in different areas, and have a more niche use than traditional in-ear audio systems. They are particularly useful in professional fields, such as theatrical or security. The batteries included in these micro earphones often allow autonomy and long life: about 4 hours in conversation, or over 200 hours in stand by.