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Metric Halo towards Mac OS X

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From Los Angeles AES, OSX Audio and Harmony Central report that Metric Halo has announced that Mobile I / O interfaces now support Mac OS X. With the release of CoreAudio drivers and the update of the MIO console for Mac OS X, now Mobile I / O fully supports advanced audio features on Mac OS X 10.2.

"Mac OS X represents a big step forward for the professional audio industry," says B.J. Buchalter, Chief Engineer of Metric Halo.

The 2882 Mobile I / O interface now supports all outputs and inputs simultaneously using the FireWire interface and the MIO console.

The new updated MIO console supports direct-to-disc recording, and the recording panel allows you to save streaming audio in the Sound Designer II and Audio Interchange File Format formats. Users can then record directly from the MIO console and then import the files into their favorite audio application for editing and processing the sound.

Also presented is a new FireWire audio interface, ULN-2. It is an interface with two preamplified microphone channels, analog inputs, high resolution analog / digital conversion and an 80-bit multi-bus mixer for near-zero latency.

The main features are: -2 analogue Microphone and TRS inputs on Neutrik Combo-Send connectors and balanced analogue TRS-2 analog outputs on balanced TRS connectors (+ 4 / -10) -Headphone output with front volume control -Stereophonic monitor output balanced with front volume control-AES-S / PDIF digital stereo I / O-4-pin XLR connector for compatibility with broadcast battery systems-9 presets accessible from the front panel for stand-alone operations-Potentiometers and front buttons for instant control

The ULN-2 interface includes the MIO software concole, and can be used in chain with Mobile I / O 2882 and 2882-DSP to create complex systems with high possibilities.

Mobile I / O ULN-2 will have a list price of $ 1195 USD and will be marketed by the end of 2002.

The Metric Halo website is not yet updated. (By Daniele Volpin)