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Messagenet: the first Italian software for VoIP on iPhone and touch

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Messagenet: the first Italian software for VoIP on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Messagenet has made available on the App Store the first iPhone program developed in Italy for Internet calls via VoIP, which can also manage the sending and receiving of faxes. From the main interface that reproduces the keyboard of a telephone, the user can access the three main functions by pressing one of the large buttons at the bottom: GSM, VoIP and Fax. With the first one, you can use the Messagenet interface to launch traditional phone calls on the cellular network, this when we are not under coverage of a Wi-Fi network -Fi.

When, on the other hand, we have a connection to Wi-Fi, it is possible to make and receive calls using the Internet connection and Messagenet telephone services, with costs significantly lower than traditional fixed and mobile operators. This is generally valid for any call but the savings are even more substantial for calls to fixed numbers and even when we are abroad. By creating a free account with Messagenet we obtain a FreeNumber telephone number with a prefix of your choice between the cities of Rome, Milan and Turin. In addition to saving on the calls we make, the cost of calls is also reduced for people who call us who actually connect to a fixed number instead of a mobile phone.

With the last button we can write a text email that the program automatically formats for sending to a fax machine: to send simply enter a phone number associated with a fax or select a number in the address book. In this way, the iPhone user has the possibility to send faxes wherever he is: if this function is combined with the incoming fax service proposed by Messagenet, the user actually has complete management of incoming and outgoing messages. Fax directly to the iPhone.

For more information on Messagenet VoIP and Fax and to create a free account, please refer to this web page. To download the free iPhone application, please refer to this page of the App Store. Recall that in addition to working on any version of iPhone (3GS, 3G and also EDGE) the Messagenet application can transform iPod touch into a VoIP phone in the presence of a Wi-Fi network: to use the touch as a phone purchase a headset with a microphone for models that do not have one.

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