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Meebo, TinyBuddy and Apollo: instant messaging for iPhone and iPod touch

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Are you fanatic of instant messaging and you miss it on iPhone and iPod touch? We know that, before a release of an official application, this deficiency can be (almost) filled only through the web based applications.

Not the same thing, but certainly better than nothing, especially when you can take advantage of well-developed online applications. We have already talked about Mundu IM in the past; now our gaze goes to Meebo, an online instant messenger that offers an interesting web interface.

In addition to a Meebo account, on the site you can connect (simultaneously or individually) to your MSN, AIM / .Mac, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber and Yahoo! Network; the interface adapted to Apple's multitouch devices.

Directly from the official support site of Apple, we note TinyBuddy IM, another online messaging application, specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch, which this time only supports AIM / .Mac accounts.

For those who are allergic to web-based applications, we remind Apollo IM, a native iPhone program, to be installed directly on the mobile phone and compatible with the AIM, MSN, .Mac and ICQ protocols. Looking at the official website, it seems that Apollo IM is only available for iPhones with firmware 1.0.2 and that the project has been abandoned.

Although there is no official native application, at least the online (or "clandestine") support offered for iPhone and iPod touch is certainly not lacking.