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MediEvil PS4: demo of the great classic remake available

MediEvil PS4: demo of the great classic remake available

By Michele Galluzzi Thursday 26 September 2019

The authors of Other Ocean and the heads of Sony Interactive Entertainment take advantage of the media window of the PlayStation State of Play to announce the publication of the demo of MediEvil Remake for PS4 on the PS Store.

Experience the resurrection of Sir Dan in this limited-time demo, which features a very special secret object. Brave knight of Gallowmere, rejoice! Make your way into the graveyard as you cross through Zarok's resurrected zombie do not forget to grab your sword from the crypt!

And be sure to keep Dan's only object, lelmo, an exclusive piece of armor that appeared in the Japanese version of the original PS1 title. Collecting Dan's helmet at the start of the demo will reward players with an extra challenge when they are equipped in the full game, so don't miss the chance!

The release of MediEvil Remake scheduled for October 25th, strictly exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.