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Mcouple, the app to spy on the partner

Mcouple, the app to spy on the partner

Allows you to view sms, chat and gps sweet metering directly from your smartphone

(Photo: mCouple)

If your partner a type very jealous, avoid letting him read this article: if he finds out that there is an application like mCouple you could say goodbye to what's left of your privacy. The app designed by the London company MSPY indeed allows for monitor every action carried out on the smartphone of your partner. This "synchronization" service was initially designed to offer parents a way to keep their children breathless, but then mSpy realized that in the world of love the app would certainly have been more successful.

The control occurs reciprocally, so both members of the couple can read incoming and outgoing text messages, chat messages on Facebook (function Facebook tracking: the name says a lot), the call history and every update of the phonebook, all in real time. Without forgetting the Gps position tracking to always know where your sweet met is.


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