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May 23rd: Find out how to reduce network problems by 34% (and 83% time to solve them)

May 23: Find out how to reduce network problems by 34% and the time to solve them by 83%

Corporate networks are becoming increasingly complex. In a free seminar the latest news with Riverbed, which will come up against a hacker

Business networks are expanding, becoming increasingly complex. And the network is entrusted with essential functions. But do you really know the structure of the corporate network? Are you able to quickly and accurately identify the cause of a slowdown in applications? In the event of a problem on the network how many hours, and how many people, are needed to solve it? Today there are predictive systems, able to predict problems before they occur. manifest before a repair intervention is necessary. This is possible thanks to a complete analysis of the network, to a continuous and capillary monitoring activity that goes from the virtualized resources to the single PC. To understand how the problems on the network can be really foreseen; manage large data streams at high speed, reducing incident resolution times and dedicating human resources to other activities.

COME on May 23rd at the Seminar "Managing complex networks successfully" 10.00 am Cosmo Hotel Vimercate (White Towers)

With the help of a super Network expert like Alessio R.L. pennasilico, of Riverbed and Zycko technicians you will discover how complex networks can become simple to manage with high performance, always keeping control over all the elements of the network. Attend the seminar to understand how you can lower the number of visitors by 34%, such as reduce of83% the time needed to resolve them.

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