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Matrox RTMac at Digital Culture.

Matrox RTMac at Digital Culture. logomacitynet1200wide 1

At Digital Culture in Bellaria, the event dedicated to creatives of the digital age (and not only …) it will be possible to see a workstation in action with Matrox RTMac, the first hardware solution that offers video editing and effects in real time to users on the Power platform Mac G4 of Final Cut Pro 2.0, new powerful and super-equipped version of the well-known Apple software. With Matrox RTMac it is possible to work with three video and graphics tracks in real time and instantly create broadcast quality effects; In addition, analog video material can also be used in DV montages for maximum versatility and creative comfort. For more product information, see the Matrox website: htmParticipation as in all the initiatives scheduled for free.For more information on the event, visit the Digital Culture website.Digital Culture website.

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