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MatLab will return to Mac thanks to X

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MatLab will return to Mac thanks to X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

MathWorks has decided to make MaTLab available, defined as the leading software for technical computing, available on Mac OS X with the next release of the application, allowing new Mac users to use its powerful tools in a graphical and intuitive environment.

The president of MathWorks (who is also the pap of the application and of the company born in 1984) Cleve Moler said he was enthusiastic about the renewed support for Apple as the Mac has a strong following among scientists and teachers. Obviously Apple through Steve Jobs shows his satisfaction: "This is the perfect example of how developers are taking advantage of the Mac OS X Unix core combined with industry standards like OpenGL and Java."

The software will be available later in the year with the release of the entire renewed range of MatLab and Simulink products for the calculation, programming and design of embedded systems that are used in many industrial areas, in research and in the 'teaching.

For more information on MathWorks you can visit the manufacturer's website.

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