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MATLAB 6.5 for OS X: now it's official

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After an online petition that pushed Mathworks managers to return to their decisions, regarding the release of a version of MATLAB for OS X, the announcement of the availability of MATLAB 6.5 arrives in the middle of summer.

Even on the new Apple Operating System, therefore, you can take advantage of the advanced capabilities of this specialist software, leader for mathematical calculation. The effective visualization of the results achieved and the flexible programming environment are the strengths of this package, which can be further expanded with other modules to create sophisticated algorithms or customized calculation processes.

Among the other novelties of this release a "JIT-Accelerator", with the task of significantly increasing the computational speed of MATLAB in a large number of operations. Many other new options and improvements concern the field of internal programming language, the development environment, the interaction with other programs.

It is important to note that, in addition to the minimum requirement of OS X 10.1.4, the software relies on the XDarwin windows to graphically display the results. It will therefore be appropriate to install the appropriate components, perhaps accompanied by the XWindows management application: OroborOSX.

A demonstration version, valid for 30 days, can be requested from the reference distributor, who here in Italy, The MathWorks s.r.l. Turin, by filling in the appropriate form.