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Mathematica 4.2 for MacOs X and Mac OS

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Mathematica 4.2 for MacOs X and Mac OS – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new version of Mathematica was released yesterday and available for purchase. Introduced in November 2001 also for Mac OS X, the software offers a significant increase in speed and stability compared to the previous release for MacOs Classic. " The Mach 3.0 kernel – reads a press release – and the Unix foundations of MacOs X allow this version to far surpass the old versions of mathematics in speed, scalability, stability "" MacOs X – it is read again – the first system operating from a workstation developed as an operating system for a personal computer. We have used Mathematica for MacOs X for three years internally and have worked closely with Apple to optimize performance "

Mathematica is one of the five main scientific applications and is intensively used by scientists and researchers to perform complex calculations. The program is also very popular in the USA both in high schools and colleges. The price set on the American market of $ 1,495.

Here are the news of version 4.2 available as an update. Transparent integration of Java with J / Link 2.0 and Java Runtime Engine built in improved simplificator, linear programming and optimization, improvements on statistics that include the new ANOVA package. The new Combinatorics packages have been introduced and AuthorTools for technical publications, a slide show environment for presentations. New import and export formats include FITS and STDS. XML extensions allow Mathematica notebooks and expressions to be recorded in XML format: the XML package Tool allows the manipulation of symbolic XML. XHTML export including style sheets is also supported and MathML 2.0 Extended is supported.

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