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Mass refunds of 28-day bill users approved

Mass refunds of 28-day bill users approved

At the end of January for the 28-day bills a mega fine of 228 million euro arrived at TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre and Fastweb on the charge of anti-competitive agreement by Agcom: now the State Council votes in favor of the antitrust authority and makes it mandatory mass refunds of users.

Until now, those who wished to be reimbursed for the criticized (and illegal) accounting of invoices and bills at 28 days had to follow an ad hoc procedure, as illustrated in this macitynet article. Uninformed users and those intimidated by the procedure never asked for the reimbursement due to them, to the benefit of the telephony operators who were thus reimbursing a significantly lower number of users.28 day bill refunds - agcom

But at the end of January, along with the mega fine imposed by Agcom on the operators in question, the antitrust authority determined that users' remorse was to be mass and automatic for all users involved. It is not surprising that TIM, Vodafone, Wind Tre and Fastweb opposed this decision, asking that the previous refund system be maintained exclusively with single and individual procedures for each customer.

The decision of the Council of State against the interest of the operators, together with another recent resolution against the remodulations, gives more space for maneuver to Agcom: according to what reports, the authority will be able to accelerate on automatic mass refunds to users of bills at 28 days and could apply it in other cases.

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