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Marvel Comics: the iPad for the new millennium comics

Jobs said it clearly, publicly and privately: publishing could save itself from the progressive reduction in the number of readers using iPad. A warning that still seems to be in progress (especially on this side of the ocean) perhaps even, waiting to understand what the success of the Cupertino tablet will be; not a few even those who have taken up the challenge and have launched or are preparing to launch applications for iPad that have the sole purpose of translating what has always been paper into digital.

One of these companies has long been close to the world of "e-publishing" in the Comixology comics field which distributes various types of comics in a format compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and which is now also launched on iPad. Their flagship product is the result of a commercial agreement with Marvel; The publishing house of Spider-Man, The Fantastic 4, Captain America and many other super-heroes debuts on iPad in all its glory thanks to a Comixology application on iPad.

Macitynet journalists took a look at the program and were truly impressed not only by the technical quality of the application, but by the exceptional quality of what we might call the infrastructure made available by Apple. iTunes really seems to be the solution for the distribution of this type of content that adapts very well to the digital format and also to the sales system with previews, plots at a glance and in-app purchase. But if Marvel Comics wins also and above all thanks to iPad. Its almost ten-inch screen, unlike that of the iPhone, ideal for reading a comic, the quality of the display exceptional in definition and sharpness, the ability to zoom, the use in landscape mode and check are all factors that could lead Apple's entire platform to represent an alternative and perhaps even replacement system in different situations compared to printing on paper.

It now remains to be seen how quickly comic book publishers will understand how to adapt to this new scenario, when they will quickly understand its potential and how determined they will be in pushing a mode that represents, even economically, something truly revolutionary.

In this gallery we present some screenshots of Marvel Comics that make it clear how this App, already known for iPhone, is able to literally take the breath away from fans of the sector when it is launched on iPad.