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Marvel: Arduino's Robot arrives

Arduino makes a great announcement, a new product arrives: an Arduino Robot. designed with Complubot.

Arduino makes a great announcement, a new product arrives: a Robot. Designed with Complubot, which has won the Robocup Junior Robotics Soccer World Championship for four times. The Arduino Robot can be used as well or it can be modified, developed, improved like all Arduino platforms.

Arduino Robot the first Arduino on wheels. It has two processors, one for each motherboard: one in fact controls the motors, while the other governs all the sensors and takes the "decisions" on how to operate. Both cards are programmable with the Arduino IDE software.

All that makes up Arduino Robot open-source: software, hardware, documentation. This new Arduino product can have an incredible impact on the development of robotics, because it makes it accessible to a very large number of people, who can experiment and create new ideas.

If the result will also be only a fraction of that obtained by Arduino the world of robotics will take a leap forward because ideas can flourish and an entire world community will be able to collaborate freely on the first open-source robotic platform.

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