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Marathon: racks and cabinets for Apple towers

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Each Macintosh, in itself, an object designed to satisfy the view and to make its use as pleasant as possible; not for nothing, the Cube, however unfortunate in sales, one of the very few computers that has earned a place in a modern art museum.

Looking at your Mac, unfortunately, can become difficult in case of lack of space on the desk and it would be at least unfortunate to hide it under the table, resting on the ground, the target of possible kicks in moments of hasty distraction. Horror!

Marathon has thought of this, which proposes a series of solutions for all space requirements. In addition to the metal racks and cabinets in which to hold the Apple towers (also the historic G3 beige) that you see on the left in the photo, the company creates a special sled capable of keeping its computer in suspension. and it also has a safety ring that can be used to pass an anti-theft cable. An effective proposal sold for $ 60. (Right in the photo)