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Manually add a contact to a Windows Live Mail address book

Contacts in any email program make it easy to track recipients and easily send email messages to multiple people simultaneously. Windows Live mail allows you to add contacts to a number of categories to keep them organized. Find out how to manually add a contact to your Windows Live Mail contact list.

Adding contacts to Windows Live Mail

Several Windows Live Mail options make it easy to create and maintain an updated contact list. An option allows you to automatically add contacts to your address book when you reply to them a certain number of times. However, sometimes you just want to add a contact to the address book manually instead of waiting until you reply to an email.

Manually adding contacts to an address has several advantages. The main advantage that you can be sure that the contact information includes all the information you want to include.

Maybe you want to include the contact's workplace or maybe everything you care about the recipient's email address. Whatever you prefer, you can quickly add a contact manually to Windows Live Mail and avoid having to wait for the application to do it for you.

Manually add a contact to a Windows Live Mail address book

Open Windows Live Mail and click on the folder Contacts in the lower left corner of the application. Note that the ribbon change to show the options available for managing contacts.

On the left side of the bar Multifunction, locate a section with the label New and click the button Contact .

This opens the window Add a contact . You should notice a few things on this window. First, the default method to add a new contact to the address book is the addition rapid . This method allows you to add the first name, the surname, L' personal email, the home telephone and the company of the new contact. a generic model to quickly add a contact.

Secondly, there are three other categories that you can use to add your contact. The most general category Contact . This category offers multiple fields like Office phone, Mobile phone is Other email messages .

The remaining two categories, staff is Work, show only the fields that can be included for a contact in those categories. For example, the category Work includes fields not found in the category staff such as Company is Job title while the fields personal They include Birthday is Anniversary . When you're done adding the contact, click the button add contact and your new contact is immediately added to your Windows Live Mail address book.

Windows Live Mail has an integrated feature that allows you to manually add contacts to an address book. Quick addition allows you to add basic information about a new contact while categories Contact, staff is Work offer multiple fields related to these types of contacts. This way, you can manually add your contacts and categorize them for easier sorting and searching.