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Malicious Android apps, the 15 to be deleted immediately

infected apps to delete Android

Masked applications that infiltrate smartphones and trigger adware … to be eliminated immediately

The malicious Android apps are numerous and rumors about them potential dangers they chase each other. But a serious concern comes from the Sophos team's discovery of 15 malicious Android apps that have taken another step forward in hiding and completing their evil intentions infecting the smartphone.

What these applications do. Induce users to install them to perform trivial services. The app disappears from view, but is actually running, disguised as a a system name, making it impossible to detect and stop them. Users were asked to specifically eradicate these apps, stop them, then delete them completely. All these apps install on our unadware device, that isa virus that then bombards you with unwanted advertisements.

SophosLabs has also discovered that these apps do everything they can to avoid being deleted, adopting rather artificial strategies to hide themselves after installation.

Google, warned by researchers at the cybersecurity company, removed all 15 infected apps which, among other things, were already full of negative comments in which it was clearly stated thatthese applications do not work and do nothing but launch advertising. Once again, therefore, Google could find them by itself.

infected apps to delete Android

The 15 infected apps to delete on Android smartphones

As often happens with adware apps, most are designed around trivial utilities, such as QR readers and image editors.

"Ironically" reports Sophos, one of the malicious apps designed for "clean up the phone from private data".

Once installed, apps use harmless names to ensure you don't arouse suspicion. And probably the most worrying discovery that all 15 apps appeared this year, which means there are still security holes in the Play Store and there are adware factories that churn out those apps and push them into the public domain.

The list of 15 malicious Android apps

Above we have already inserted an image with the list of harmful Android apps to be deleted. We detail them again below with the names in evidence:

  • Flash on Calls and Messages
  • Read QR Code
  • Magic Image
  • Generate Elves
  • Savexpense
  • QR Artifact
  • Find your Phone
  • Scavenger-Speed
  • Auto Cut Out Pro
  • Background Cut Out
  • Photo Background
  • Image Processing
  • Background Cut Out
  • Auto Cut Out
  • Auto Cut Out 2019