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Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spirit

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spirit

For those who write the Amazon Echo devices are addictive, as already seen in the Echo Show 5 review, this for the great versatility of Alexa and the thousands of Skills, the skills that can be installed like apps to always add new functions: but with the new Amazon Echo Studio coming soon also to Italy Amazon aims decidedly higher.

The first indicator is the price: Echo Studio, the most expensive model in the renewed range, is in fact offered at 199.99 euros: those who pre-order it will receive it starting from November 7th. The technical specifications are those of a high-end speaker, instead the price is decidedly more affordable than offered by the main brands in the sector for devices in this category.

Waiting to be able to receive it in the editorial staff for the review, our first contact and test ride with Echo Studio occurred during the Amazon event to celebrate the first year of Alexa in Italy with the introduction in our country of Echo Flex, of the new Dot and Echo and precisely of Echo Studio.

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The first listening test of Echo Studio occurred with ideal setup and configuration: an LG C8 OLED TV with high quality audio already standard combined with a Fire Stick 4K that managed a pair of Echo Studio. The new Amazon speaker not only works in conjunction with an identical model, but also manages spatial audio with Dolby Atmos technology and Sony 360 Reality Audio.

This dreamy living room setup ensures high quality stereo audio reproduction for music, but also full immersion and high power for spatial movie sound. The first test ride with Echo Studio was carried out with some tracks, including Queen's Another One Bites The Dust, Lord's Royals and also with the film Mad Max.

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spirit

The second test ride with Echo Studio is definitely more interesting because the new top-of-the-range Amazon speaker was running alone. This time both the listening environment and the speaker arrangement were decidedly unfavorable, because the room was large and spacious, with a very high ceiling, while the speaker was positioned on a table in a corner of the room. Then with upward dispersion, more echo and bounces from the very close rear wall. Despite unfavorable location and positioning, the sound and power provided by a single Echo Studio speaker convinced everyone present.

Well distinct and powerful basses that never overlap or cover the other frequencies, clear mids and crystal clear high tones: the result is a reproduction of audio and music that will await us from a speaker of famous audio brands, not from a smart speaker to steroids. All this must also be seen in relation to the requested list price: so far, to have a speaker capable of offering this audio quality, it was necessary to spend much more than what Amazon required for this model, probably double and even more compared to some brands and models.

But in addition to the listening impressions from a technical-qualitative point of view, it is worth noting that the audio emitted is decidedly warm and very engaging. The successful mix of audio and power capable of creating atmosphere even in very large environments. The involvement and optimization of reproduction based on each room and also on the position of the speaker are possible thanks to the integrated technologies.

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spiritThe Amazon Echo product line without screen at the end of 2019

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spiritEcho Studio has been designed to create superior quality sound with clarity and depth, using five directional speakers and 7 microphones. The 13.3 cm and 330 W maximum power woofer produces deep and rich bass, using the opening for the bass, located at the bottom, in order to maximize the air flow and therefore the output of the bass from the woofer.

Echo Studio also features a 2.5cm tweeter and three 5cm midrange speakers, which offer crisp midrange and dynamic high frequencies. In addition, it has a 24-bit DAC and a power amplifier with 100 kHz bandwidth for high resolution music playback without distortion or distortion.

Making contact with Amazon Echo Studio: it surprises the ears and the spirit

Thanks to the 7 integrated microphones, Echo Studio automatically detects the acoustics of the environment and optimizes audio reproduction to offer optimal sound, regardless of where the device is placed. Echo Studio is also presented as the first intelligent speaker to offer an immersive audio experience, thanks to the support of Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio technologies.

You can combine one or two Echo Studio devices with certain Fire TV devices for audio playback with multichannel sound and support for Dolby Atmos, Dolby Audio 5.1 and stereo audio formats. Echo Studio also features a Zigbee smart home hub that can be used to control compatible smart home devices.

To find out more about Alexa's first year in Italy, see this article. Amazon Echo Studio can already be pre-ordered at a price of 199.99 euros starting from this Amazon page with shipments starting from November 7th.