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Maggioli, the codes on the iPhone

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The Maggioli Group (company organization engaged in a leading role for those who work in local public administrations and in the professions connected to them) presents interesting new features regarding codes. From today, in fact, consulting an article or a paragraph of the five codes will be very simple. Lawyers, jurists, students, professionals, police operators and urban police, will have the possibility to download the five codes from iTunesa for a promotional cost of 3.99 euros, in full version, directly on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The iPhone or iPod Touch credit becomes a real work tool: the software developed by Maggioli, in fact, allows you to consult the articles of the code paragraph by paragraph quickly and efficiently without internet connection, in any place and easily.

The simple and intuitive code format with quick and advanced search that allows you to search by article number or text. A handy bookmark allows you to keep the most frequently consulted or immediately usable items close at hand. It is also possible to send the documents of interest by e-mail. The authoritative and up-to-date contents make Maggioli codes the perfect application to always carry with you: a light, practical and complete assistant.

– Purchase of the highway code

– Purchase of the civil procedure code

– Purchase of the civil code

(By Mauro Notarianni)