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Madena 2.1: the freeware for medical images is updated

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Many times the specialized software does not cost exorbitant figures and the large research institutes are able to produce excellent applications that can help doctors and biologists in the analysis of tests, radiographs and photos for everyday diagnostics and for research.

Madena, which comes from an application designed to analyze complex density patterns in mammograms, now in version 1.6 and also available for Mac OS X, allows, among other things, to treat black and white images to improve, to assign colors based density, allows measurements and calibrations, mergers in transparency (CT and MRI function). The resulting images can be printed or converted into other formats.

On the USC (University of Southern California) website, Radiation Oncology that takes care of its development, you can also find tutorials for a more effective software management with indications on the procedures for Tinting, isodensity mapping, the comparison of multiple images. , the analysis of the breast area … and technical indications.

The software that weighs 4.6 MB, requires Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X, a Mac with PowerPC (also not G3 or G4) and an 800 × 600 monitor with millions of colors. To learn more, start from this page.

The recently released version 2.1 adds these new features: Supports a wider range of DICOM files (8 bit and 16 bit MONOCHROME1 and MONOCHROME2), many "8 bit" formats including RGB, HSV, YBR_FULL and PALETTE_COLOR, most images tablets in RLE, encapsulated JPEG, support of the ANALYZE 7.5 format.

Madena now converts all images into 16-bit "density" and there is a 2x "magnifying glass" tool that can be selected with 3 diameters.