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Macworld of New York, many new exhibitors

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The Macworld in July will be characterized by the large number of companies that are entering the Mac world for the first time. This is what IDG, the company that organizes the event that opens next July 15 in New York, says.

"There will not only be many companies that deal with Mac – says IDG – but also many that for the first time decide to exhibit at the exhibition". Examples include Celartem Technology USA, Dynamic Graphics, Oxford Semiconductor and Techknowsphere., But many more are likely to be added to the list.

Note that in the context of the exhibition there will also be stands dedicated to substantially new topics for the Mac world, such as the porting of Unix and Linux applications to Mac, development in Java, applications that use Bluetooth and for Internet services.

Recall that even recently Jobs has highlighted how Mac OS X is attracting numerous new developers to the platform; of these almost 50%, coming from the Unix and Linux world, landed for the first time on Mac thanks to the new operating system.

The review will be held as every year at the Javitz Center and Macity, always like every year for several years now, it will be present with a patrol of its envoys.