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Macworld July in Boston, final close

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It seems that for the transfer of the Macworld Expo in July to Boston the final tightening has now been reached. According to the Boston Globe the latest serious impediment, the availability of a sufficient number of rooms for visitors and exhibitors, could be really difficult to overcome.

The CEO of IDG Expo, who organizes the review, Charlie Greco would have requested the guarantee of at least 2400 rooms at an average price of no more than $ 150 per night and located in the center. The availability would make it easy to manage the shuttle buses between the hotel area and the new conference center where the Expo is expected to be hosted.

At this time Boston cannot guarantee such a number of rooms and a 1200-room hotel planned right near the convention center will not be ready by 2004, when the first Expo should be held in Boston. Finally, in the same week of the Expo in Boston, the meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries is also held at the Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center, an event that attracts several thousand people who would end up competing with Expo visitors in the hunting rooms.

Despite this n IDG Expo n the managers of the Boston Convention Center, n the managers of the city tourism offices of the American city seem to want to surrender. There are alternative solutions under study, including renting a cruise ship as a buffer solution.

But even in New York, efforts are being made to prevent the departure of the Expo which brings money and tourism in a low season for conventions. According to some sources NYC & Co. the office responsible for providing spaces and logical support for congresses would have made a rich offer at IDG Expo. In addition to this it would have extended the terms for acceptance of the same next Monday in the hope of enticing the Macworld organizers.

Recall that IDG began the search for an alternative venue for the July Expo on the basis of the growing costs that visitors and exhibitors are bearing in New York, which as our readers know one of the most expensive cities in the world.