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MACWORLD: All information in Italian

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MACWORLD: All information in Italian Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

.If you have visited the Italian page of Apple and you have been disappointed to have found it identical to yesterday, without the news of San Francisco, hold back the abuse. Behind the home (which we will never tire of remembering is managed by Apple Europe) there are already all the news and news on the new machines you are looking for. We find the new PowerBook Titanium the new G4 and even applications such as iTunes iDVD and DVD Studio Pro.If you are looking for the technical specifications in our language in PDF there are also these (PowerBook and G4). AppleStore Italia had already been set up with the new machines since yesterday evening so much so that Macity was able to post the prices of the new hardware.Apple also took advantage of it to load the MacOs X page in our language; the information on the new OS is the "old" one (that is pre San Francisco), but certainly better than nothing. In short, this time the Cupertino siciet really worked to put the national sites on an equal footing with the American ones. The result that today everyone can access information in their "native" language with great advantage for the quality of information and image enhancement.

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