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Mackie presents Baby HUI

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Mackie Designs adds Baby HUI to its family of audio control surfaces. This is the first affordable control surface ($ 799 USD) that supports HUI / MIDI protocols, allowing you to work immediately with many DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) solutions on Mac and PC.Baby HUI currently supported by Mackie Soundscape 32, Mackie Mixtreme, Digidesign ProTools and Digi 001, MOTU Digital Performer and Steinberg Nuendo.

Baby HUI has eight channel strips with motorized 60mm touch-sensitive faders, a mute button, a solo button and a led for each channel. Multi-function potentiometers also accompany each channel, just like in Mackie HUI and Control. These potentiometers are dynamic and allow you to adjust the pan, the send level and all other functions related to the channel.

There is also a section for the transport of audio (Play, Stop, Rec, FWD, REW), and MIDI inputs and outputs on the back of the controller. The control surface also supports the complete automation of its parameters.

Baby HUI will be available from September.

For more information, visit the Mackie website.

(By Daniele Volpin)